I am a wedding, couples and portrait photographer passionate about capturing real moments. Photographing weddings, engagements and brands have been my jam for several years. I am a college-educated photographer and have been running my own business since 2014. What I enjoy most is making people feel special and documenting their life milestones that they'll look back at fondly for years to come. Two years ago my husband started pursuing photography along side me. It has been fulfilling seeing him discover, grow and develop his skills and style. Even better, we get to work together as a husband and wife team.

What's Up Buttercup?

Mikhail (Mick-hail)

Mikhail started pursuing photography in 2018 as a creative outlet outside of his writing career. Since then he has trained and learned in the style of Heather and has grown to be the second photographer of HFP.

And we wouldn't have a complete home without our fur baby, Robin. So if you were wondering, fur babies are always welcome.

Our Documented Adventures

Philippines -> California -> Colorado -> Japan (post-Covid <3)