What To Look For In A Wedding Photographer

It's no secret that your wedding photographer is one of the most important vendors for your wedding. After all, memories fade, but photos are forever! The photos from your wedding day will likely be passed down to your kids, grandkids, and so on.

And, with such an important job, the thought of finding the perfect photographer to capture your wedding likely feels pretty daunting. But, don't worry, I'm here to the rescue once again!(; As a wedding photographer myself, I'm here to share with you all of the aspects you should be looking for when hiring your wedding photographer. This way you can find that perfect person to photograph your day!

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Starting strong let's chat about style. Every photographer has a different style whether it's light and airy or dark and moody. We are all different and it's important to find a photographer whose work you LOVE. If you choose just any photographer and don't like their style then you likely won't love how the photos come out. To avoid not loving your photographs, choose someone who matches your taste and style!


Reaching out to friends or locals may be a good idea when searching for the right photographer. Go on google, Facebook, and other social platforms to check out their reviews as well! After you've seen some solid reviews, find out how much experience they have in photography. Someone without a ton of experience usually can't capture a wedding the same way someone who's seasoned in it can.


Stay on budget. Get a quote from the photographers that interest you and try to stay on budget. Though, you do get what you pay for so try not to pick the cheapest option just because of the money. It's the memories that are important! But still, you can stay somewhat on a budget so you're not stressed, and often times photographers have payment plans that may work for you.


This right here is one of the most important things to think about when hiring a wedding photographer. If something is telling you that you are not sure about hiring them, don't! You can hire the photographer for an engagement session to get the feel of them and see if they'd be a perfect match for you and your spouse.


When searching for the right wedding photographer, ask yourself if they would add some fun into your wedding day. Do they make you happy and make you laugh? Having a photographer with a big personality is a plus for most because they are going to be the ones drawing in the crowd and getting everyone's attention. Make sure your photographer can match your energy and that your personalities flow together well!

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"Heather and her husband did an amazing job with our wedding and engagement photos! I'd highly recommend you hire her as your photographer. We couldn't be happier with the intimate moments she captured and her use of natural light and beautiful settings. She scouted out the locations prior to the shoots and suggested poses. She is a true pro! I'd highly recommend Heather for your wedding or event."