Engagement Session

Below are just a few tips to consider when choosing and engagement session outfit. Ultimately we want YOU to stand out which is achieved by eliminating distractions within the environment. 


Why It Matters

Our aim is always to keep the focus on your faces and your story. HFP style is heavily based on emotion and storytelling so, if there's a lot going on in the rest of the frame that's distraction from the emotion we want to eliminate as much noise as possible, and a huge way to do that is using tools like strategic tone matching and color choices. This is done by encouraging outfit choices that compliment or stand out from the environment's tones and colors.  

Drew + Jessica Engagement-157.jpg
Drew + Jessica Engagement-188.jpg



You are more than welcome to bring a few different options to choose from on the day of the session. Your session allows for up to two outfits and we typically suggest one a little more casual and one a little dressier. Based on the look and feel of your outfits will determine which one we will suggest you start in. If you don't want to bring more outfits, sending phone pictures beforehand is great too! We have a pop-up portable changing tent you are welcome to use for a quick on-location change. 

Ben + Laura Engagement-96.jpg
Ben + Laura Engagement-41.jpg



We LOVE that every couple is different and unique! We strongly encourage you to wear something that feels like you and that you are comfortable in. If you have ideas that you want to pursue, but want to make sure it works don't hesitate to reach out. 

Austin + Haley Engagement-92.jpg
Austin + Haley Engagement-35.jpg



Your session will be at one general location, but we will utilize different spots within that area to add diversity to your images. The outfit change happens half way through so you will bring your second outfit with you. Consider bringing a big bag to put the second outfit, a brush hairspray, phones, wallets, etc. everything in so it's consolidated and easy to move.  

Evan + Sydnee Engagement-102.jpg
Evan + Sydnee Engagement-78.jpg



Movement can create energy within a frame which is why we have our couples moving and interacting in a lot of our session. A dress with a lot of fabric and flexible materials visually execute movement in stills. 

Chris + Michelle-32-2.jpg
Chris + Michelle-28.jpg



Typically we prefer a neutral color palette such as earth tones to eliminate distractions and keep the focus on you. If you do prefer to incorporate different colors the only rule is to avoid bright colors and fluorescents as these will cast color onto your skin. This is something that cannot be edited out. (hot pink, neon green, etc.)

Caleb + Sara 2021-99.jpg
Caleb + Sara 2021-47.jpg



If you want to incorporate patterns I suggest having only one person wearing a pattern and the other wearing something more subtle so the patterns aren't clashing. I suggest sending a photo beforehand to ensure that the pattern doesn't fight with the pattern of the environment. 

Good example: Flannels, this isn't too much of a pattern that it distracts from faces or emotion.

Bad example: Chevron or thick striped sweaters. Makes someone look like a human barcode. 

Colin + Skylar Engagement-62.jpg
Colin + Skylar Engagement-158.jpg


Accessories and Props

Don't cringe–I promise we aren't talking 2010 senior session accessories. We are talking the accessories that are timeless and capture a special atmosphere that is specific to you and your story. Things like a hats, a favorite shared drink, your furr baby, a picinic, an old truck–anything that helps represent the phase of life you are in and differentiate your session. 

Jack + Kelsiann Engagement-149.jpg
Jack + Kelsiann Engagement-82.jpg



A couple of things to consider to prep for the shoot are ironing your outfits, getting nails done, getting the ring cleaned, getting hair and/or makeup done. All of these things help in elevating the images you will receive. They may seem small, but make a big impact!

Andy + Abby Engagement-297.jpg
Ben + Laura Engagement-159.jpg



PLEASE ask questions if you have them! We have the knowledge and are here to help and make the process as smooth as possible. <3

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